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Halomou, encyclopedia of the Arab world on the Internet. This project aims to provide documented content on all categories and topics in the Arabic language.

About us!

Founded recently in 2020, Halomou is an Arabic encyclopedia that encompasses a variety of topics ranging from food, history, geography, and even sports.

The objective of this site is to create a little corner for all the questions that we all may ask, in order to increase our knowledge and promote the general culture of our users.

Halomou is made up of several categories, they make for the foundation and the backbone of the site. Each category is made up of a palette of articles, detailed and well reviewed. Each article itself is composed of several paragraphs as well as digital content to help our users better understand the content of the articles.

Our vision

Halomou's vision is to promote the general knowledge of our users and simplify their research on the Internet by establishing a source for all the information they seek.

Our mission

Halomou's mission is to establish a good community of Internet users with, as a goal, to add up to their general culture and to make it as rich as possible.

Our values

Halomou's values ​​lie in our content: content that is valuable, simplified, useful and written with an aspect that is as educational and friendly as possible.

Our team

The Halomou team is made up of a set of professors and university researchers in many fields, ranging from literature to new technologies. This team writes, reviews and follows up on all Halomou articles with a high degree of professional relevance.

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You can follow Halomou on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. do not hesitate to contact us, we are always at your disposal.